Island is Home 2 Coupon Codes (July 13, 2022)

NameIsland is Home 2 Coupon Codes (July 13, 2022)
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Island is Home 2 is an addictive island survival game! After a shipwreck, your boat was washed ashore on an uninhabited tropical island. Now you have to survive in a dangerous place. It will be very difficult to get off the island! Your tropical adventure begins!

Get the resources you need to survive. Collect sticks and get wood. This is a very important resource. Build a pickaxe or an ax to get resources faster.

Look around and find a place to sleep. Make a fire so wild animals don’t attack you at night. Always take a torch with you at night! Beware of wild animals!

Get rocks, coal, iron and more with your pickaxe. This will help create new tools and items. Climb the mountains and explore the plains in search of resources.

Get yourself a pet! He will protect you from dangerous animals and will always be there.

Island is Home 2 has a simple crafting system. The recipe menu displays the available recipes for food, tools, implements, and building blocks. Build your own house using blocks of walls, roofs and platforms made of stone or wood.

Watch the player status indicators. It is necessary to take food on time so as not to die of hunger. Hunt wild animals and grow fruits and vegetables. Create beds, plant seeds and harvest. Thus, you will provide yourself with food.

Complete various tasks and get useful items for survival. Get daily bonuses. Explore a large open world and try to get off the island!

Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
YHV4XS3C2WO350September 10, 2022
OXKTH0C5QM79VZ1754July 23, 2022
FGT86NQMXU3L4R0B765July 19, 2022
82JNHVF47MTPL6S1X594August 24, 2022
O86A0I4U2QTSBK9380July 31, 2022
ESP485ZXYTCRGQKI902September 9, 2022
Q59TK1SI4X0WMLVY650August 22, 2022
NY3H9DMIUOLEJFZQ2200August 9, 2022
0DEQBRHTP42CXVY107August 30, 2022
VY1B6AF4WHS9DK8J746August 22, 2022

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