Jurassic Island: The Lost Ark Codes (July 14, 2022)

NameJurassic Island: The Lost Ark Codes (July 14, 2022)
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Jurassic Island: The Lost Ark is an addictive survival game in which you’ll be on a deserted island! The island is teeming with dinosaurs and dangerous animals. You need to build a shelter during the day to survive the night! To build a shelter, you need to collect stones and logs. Use technology and knowledge to create various items. Watch your thirst and hunger. To protect yourself from dinosaurs, you will need a weapon. Gather the necessary resources and instructions to create weapons and tools.

Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
GH6PAIUZ3VC182July 21, 2022
OD3NU50Z7GH9WPQ870September 2, 2022
MQ9RYFO3K2C5VW1J327July 22, 2022
GBU3SFH72M5AIPK8N489August 3, 2022
T4DJWO1XM2CA63Q450August 31, 2022
EIQBMR986L5WP4HD329July 20, 2022
9K1UO24FRXIA0VWE301August 18, 2022
A0YQUZXWSB1H9CMRP912August 10, 2022
OPRGWDQV8UB2EAJ461August 2, 2022
FUP71LSCRMH2IBOW208August 3, 2022

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