Jurassic World iOS Mod 1.61.10 (Free Shopping/Unlimited Money)

NameJurassic World
Install Original android iphone

Jurassic World is the virtual analogue of one of the highest-grossing Hollywood movies: “Jurassic Park”. Captivating and engaging events, serving as a source of vivid emotion, are possible only in the versions of the director’s spectacular, and real life rarely indulges adventure lovers with something new and unusual. That’s why the freedom that gamers have in a colorful and large-scale virtual adventure will be a unique gift.


Story introduction

A user who has chosen this thoughtful application as a new entertainment will not only be able to compete for the championship among other players, but also participate in an interesting experiment. He will become the founder and manager of his own amusement park, whose “attraction” is the dinosaurs. Jurassic Park Builder will help provide your unusual pets with proper care, as well as allow you to breed new species of these fearsome creatures.


Features of the game

In a colorful and practical application, the owner of his own Jurassic Park will have complete freedom of action: both in terms of solving organizational problems and in terms of entertainment. With business acumen and a thoughtful action system, you can make your park the most popular and popular tourist and recreation destination.

  • Various types of dinosaurs
  • Attractive pumping system
  • Bright graphics


The game offers dozens of types of dinosaurs, and most importantly, these prehistoric animals can be used as fighters. Such a sight is truly terrifying and on a grand scale, so adrenaline-deprived gamers more than make up for this shortfall during gameplay.

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