Kid Chameleon Redeem Codes (July 10, 2022)

NameKid Chameleon Redeem Codes (July 10, 2022)
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Kid Chameleon for android – reveal your superpowers in the legendary platformer from SEGA! You are Kid Chameleon, an unusual child who shows fantastic abilities when putting on magical masks. The villain from the game has infiltrated our reality, and only you can stop him! Using masks, transform into an invincible warrior, superhero or fighter!

Kid Chameleon Features:

  • Over 100 stages with secret teleports and hidden areas to explore;
  • Be an indestructible fighter, a medieval knight, a bloodthirsty assassin and much more!
  • Nine different masks, each with their own superpowers!
  • Save your game progress at any time;
  • Fully integrated support for wireless Bluetooth controllers;
  • After earning 100,000 points at the beginning of the game, you can immediately move to the middle;
  • The giant flying head Heady Metal is the only boss in Kid Chameleon;
  • Do you want to quickly pass the level? Use the Cyclone Mask!
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
P1NL965UA8E790September 5, 2022
ICAV91WQSGZ2XTL852August 23, 2022
I3R5MJW0KPZ4ADGX719August 1, 2022
BP5ZVHDQNLXIET80O757August 22, 2022
EQUYDCTPH7J5LOF890July 19, 2022
LURQPDY1KFC50IA4694July 14, 2022
K4SB7AHU5O63XQ0J863July 26, 2022
4FDW7CKXH2YIL0B8Q455August 30, 2022
8UO0DTVHXAYB36G303September 3, 2022
N7BQIJ4VT5UH83AE391September 3, 2022

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