Kids VS Zombies: Epic PvP Donut Battle Codes (April 2023)

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Update: 06/03/2023
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Kids VS Zombies: Epic PvP Battle for Donuts is a real action game with shooter and RPG elements in which all fights take place in real time. The most interesting thing is that here you have to fight not only with other players, but also with bloodthirsty zombies! What if you could get donuts for killing zombies? Compete with other players, drive them into traps, destroy zombies and get the treasured donuts!

Kids VS Zombies: Epic PvP Donut Battle
 Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
D9F8Y2KPCOI 467 March 20, 2023
T2XRM1INUFD9AY3 406 April 9, 2023
N0MCEAG5I7URZS94 310 April 17, 2023
302UXSN764LDRHJB5 493 April 28, 2023
ACTESW87H6KM34G 640 March 19, 2023
8SUJNBYRZ1E3OPM7 949 April 16, 2023
50PXVYTE1FLJ3M6K 342 April 17, 2023
BZPW3V6EYGT9OKQ7S 951 April 1, 2023
2FOJ761E5MRAN0V 170 April 6, 2023
HYTF7KLOVU9JCZMQ 262 March 28, 2023

The game takes place in the setting of a zombie apocalypse, where a mysterious virus hit all adults, turning them into zombies, but did not touch the children. Now the children need to deal with the current situation themselves, destroy the zombies and earn the main resource of the new world – donuts. Create your own unique character, take powerful weapons with you and go to fight hordes of walkers and rivals.

Up to four players can participate in online battles at the same time. Your task is to defeat your rivals and remain the only surviving player in the arena. Use different weapons: guns, grenades, pistols and other equipment in the fight against rivals, as well as adjust ingenious zombie traps to catch and neutralize other players. Do not forget about the zombies, each of them has its own abilities and you need to develop your own strategy to deal with them.

Game Features:
Online battles in real time;
Different types of zombies with special abilities;
Unique equipment and skills;
Dynamic battles;
Interesting plot idea.