Kingdom Two Crowns Gift Codes (April 2023)

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Version 1.1.19
Update: 06/03/2023
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Kingdom Two Crowns is a strategy game that takes players to the alternate times of feudal Japan. The plot tells the story of a hero who took the crown and went on wanderings around the world, fighting enemies and expanding his own kingdom. His worst rival was Greed, who was able to turn into real creatures and confront the main character on an equal footing. Will the unshakable fighter be able to give a worthy rebuff and save his people from mysticism and magic?

Kingdom Two Crowns
 Gift Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
3FYA9O4URPC 765 March 18, 2023
9NMKIBOWYGH408Z 948 April 20, 2023
OY7NLX4VD8BHRKM5 897 April 29, 2023
HBAVI365NFLD4SRPQ 299 April 2, 2023
ER6FD0PZTN7JOWV 612 March 30, 2023
9RX457QAI0H6LSM3 852 May 4, 2023
8RFSAVL45YX9TNEJ 728 April 22, 2023
5GLJERQZ8K09TUN3V 655 April 30, 2023
9MD51SG2ZT0I67B 516 March 25, 2023
IRF1JAUSX4PHNTZ7 818 April 29, 2023

Dealing with superior enemy forces alone is not so easy. Other types of combat units will come to the rescue. Hire troops and send them into battle! Do not hesitate to use the possibilities of science: research can open up new types of equipment and unlock additional types of troops for hire. Also a feature of science is the ability to install defensive structures, which will play an excellent role while the main character will expand the boundaries far from the settlement.

The multiplayer component allows any player to invite his friend to his session. Opponents will become somewhat stronger, but it will not be difficult to cope with especially strong ones, because there are two of you. Dodge enemy projectiles, wait for the moment to attack and overthrow the strongest!

The graphic component is made in pixel style. Locations have their own charm, which perfectly conveys the atmosphere of ancient Asia. You will have time to visit a bunch of exotic places that the game offers. All this is complemented by a wonderful soundtrack and convenient controls.