Kingdom Warriors Mod 2.7.0 (Free Shopping)

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Kingdom Warriors – role-playing game with an interesting storyline and various action elements. Players will take the role of an Asian commander, leading his army to victory, surviving tough battles for territory, and taking over kingdoms.

Kingdom Warriors

China, Three Kingdoms period. A real war for power and world domination has broken out between once peaceful empires. Military events take place literally on the ruins. Epic battles are waiting for players. But to win, the first step is to gather an army of invincible warriors, each with their unique skills and abilities.

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An army can include archers, alchemists, magicians, cavalrymen, infantry, and other types of troops. Challenge other players, engage in battles against opponents in Kingdom Warriors arenas, choose the right battle tactics and strategies, improve your unit’s skills. To win battles and wars, players will be generously rewarded with bonuses, experience points, and gold coins, which are needed to upgrade, buy artifacts and new units for their army.