Knights Chronicle (Mod Unlimited Money) V5.7.0

NameKnights Chronicle
CategoryRole Playing
Install Original android iphone

Knights Chronicle is a turn-based MMORPG by developer Netmarble from South Korea. Like many other projects of this company, this one is made in anime style. The game has bright graphics, special dynamic effects, and a large number of characters, each with its unique abilities.

Features of Knights Chronicle

Knight Chronicle is a turn-based RPG game. Engage in battles and complete quests that give access to new heroes. In addition, as a result of the victory, you can get runes, the use of which allows you to improve the characteristics of heroes. The game is tied to PvE, i.e. story-driven missions.

Knights Chronicle

There is one main quest – the plot, which is divided into several levels. As you progress through it, players will unlock new characters and things that allow them to improve. But the Chronicle of Knights is also not lacking in a social element. Players can join guilds. Grouping provides access to more difficult tasks, the completion of which requires the smooth coordination of the whole team.

The Knight Chronicle can be completed both vertically and horizontally. Thanks to that, it can be played with one hand. Convenience, for example, when standing on public transport.


As with all Korean games, there is a lot of emphasis on the characters, their animations, and special effects. The number of heroes exceeds 100. Each of them has a memorable style and character. Great attention to special effects.

Knights Chronicle Mod

So, for example, each character has a superpower, which has the highest strength. When you apply it, a cutscene is played, where anything that can only be moved is animated. Knights Chronicle can be interesting to those who like: adventure games, turn-based combat, and anime style.