Land of Empires: epic strategy game Codes (February 2023)

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Version 0.1.47
Update: 16/01/2023
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Land of Empires: Epic strategy game is an epic strategy game with massive multiplayer mode. Here you can become a real ruler of a huge and powerful empire. The fate of entire empires will be decided before you, grandiose battles and historical events will take place. Be a wise leader, make thoughtful decisions and become the sole king of the whole world!

Land of Empires: epic strategy game
 Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
RWHK3TMA4V6 780 February 16, 2023
9FOLS708ATIZ5JK 948 February 4, 2023
2O0PJWNLRGEDQ71Z 388 January 22, 2023
34KS1R5T6NWQMXFIZ 617 March 12, 2023
H18Y63R4UMKCBZV 860 February 25, 2023
DEABNSPUOJ34GM0C 907 February 2, 2023
DH1072B5LSGE9OPA 900 March 8, 2023
VYQ2SO6XIRM41CZBF 878 March 5, 2023
E38JTVKHSUDCZMN 748 March 15, 2023
94I6AMNCWGFL7KE2 611 February 25, 2023

To get started, choose the most suitable faction for you: join the ranks of the Storm Dwellers, the Warriors of Eden or the Eastern Clans. Initially, you will appear as an ordinary mercenary, but over time you will be able to build your own empire. Explore vast lands, find ancient treasures and gradually expand the area of ​​your possessions. Build your city, fortify walls, build defenses and develop the power of your army by recruiting more and more trained units in the barracks.

You will be able to join the ranks of the guild and, together with the rest of the players, fight opponents, which will significantly increase your power. Attack enemies together, destroying their possessions and thereby increasing the territory. Battles take place in real time, where you independently control all stages of the battle. The battles are captivating in their scale, hundreds of soldiers and combat vehicles can participate at the same time!

Game Features:
Dozens of types of units;
Three active factions;
Ability to play together with other users;
High-quality three-dimensional graphics;
Massive real-time battles.