Redeem Codes (February 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 2.3.4
Update: 20/01/2023
Install Original android – a long time ago, the most popular game, besides Tetris, was Snake. But at least two or even three decades have passed since the release of that game, and the developers began to come up with new versions of the old project. This game is an alternative version of the snake, the passage of which is for the following purposes:
 Redeem Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
7KS046VDNLE 489 March 12, 2023
WSIQ48V2EXKCD07 476 February 18, 2023
1OEANUMD8J7ISVTP 363 March 15, 2023
2EMQN0SBLGOZXD63K 976 January 22, 2023
Z1GBSQM9VAYHIJ0 692 March 17, 2023
MBGEI8KS3602C5DF 656 March 17, 2023
Q42XIAJBZK3YNHMC 991 February 28, 2023
0TKPJIR37U4ELZ9QF 244 February 21, 2023
7E5DM0KXWZBPLTA 496 March 3, 2023
EBYG4DZOXUWL3QH2 450 January 21, 2023

Your main character can control his own snake to explore different locations. There are a huge number of areas for traveling, but it’s not so easy to move from one place to another. Firstly, in order to crawl to a new territory, you need to fill in special blocks with a certain color, thereby limiting your lands. Like this, gradually crawling over the entire location, your snake cuts off various pieces for itself, and they are automatically painted over with color.

Secondly, the player does not play alone. At least three players can be in one territory, or even more. And each of them separates its territory. This is where the passage on speed and reaction begins. The snake itself moves at a moving pace. But the most dangerous thing is meeting other players. Both they and you can limit each other by color. If one of you gets into someone else’s vicious circle, then the game is automatically lost for the player who got into it. You can also select already allocated territories if you have time to mark them in your closed line. But don’t forget that other players can do the same trick.

A simple graphic part does not cause any complaints, and vice versa, does not distract attention from the main object. The location looks like a simple sheet of paper in a cage, soft colors of snakes and all the figures are square. The game perfectly develops the speed of reaction, attention and the ability to make the right decisions with lightning speed in difficult situations.