League of Legends Wild Rift Codes (January 2023)

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Update: 15/01/2023
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Specialists from Riot Games did a good job to please the fans of “League of Legends” by adapting the game to mobile devices.

League of Legends Wild Rift
 Codes (January 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
NOAEGBUKPS0 518 February 17, 2023
768EGR1KPXTJ50H 615 March 14, 2023
NICWY6UPBHR0SDO4 235 February 13, 2023
0WUS8LMN2XEC7APTF 423 February 24, 2023
6KWNP4DV9HTFGLQ 288 March 6, 2023
OD5FTGC8JBYLV1QU 193 February 15, 2023
UTZNM1DE3C9GH6X8 745 January 21, 2023
JOA3W7FU5PR21SYHM 151 February 20, 2023
KGRV21ZA97TUNJQ 509 February 13, 2023
VRZ3K9NYM4QIGL05 427 March 15, 2023

As in the PC version, here too, teams will compete in the effectiveness of the skills of their heroes. Each team has 5 players. And each of them is offered a huge selection of heroes with their own unique characteristics. Based on skills, the hero plays one or another role in the battle: there are support heroes that heal allies; there are core heroes who mine gold, buy the necessary items and gain their power by the late stages of the game; there are several versatile heroes that can fight back in the middle stages and show themselves well in the late game.

As in the full version, here the battles are just as short: 15-20 minutes – and the game is over in favor of one of the teams. Naturally, not only the personal skill factor affects, but also the skills of your allies, team interaction and the ability to find a common language with the team. With the release of the game, a new gorge will be added, which is available for all platforms. Also pleases a huge number of skins for heroes.

For control, two sticks and several buttons are used, which are responsible for the skills and use of items. Yes, the controls are simple, but at some points you can get confused.

You can participate in the most interesting 5v5 battles for free, learn a lot about the world of League of Legends, try out more than a hundred different characters and have a great time with your allies!