Lords Mobile iOS Mod 2.88 (Unlimited Gems and Money)

Category Strategy
Size 64M
Version 2.88
Update: 11/11/2022
Install Original android iphone

Lords Mobile after the launch of the first strategy, a character named Oracle will clearly explain to you the full meaning of the game and teach you the important components of the military profession. According to the oracle, the mighty Athena, goddess of wisdom and guardian of justice, gave us the gift of a shield that lasts 24 hours.


What is Lords Mobile?

During this time, no one will be able to attack us. However, you also can’t lose a few minutes, and in the allotted time you need to fortify your lands with all your might. At the start, you need to build barracks for warriors, then transfer forces to build castles, and then start training your troops. It will take about five minutes to pump a ballista. This approach is quite suitable for developers since only one hero can be upgraded. But I can’t do anything, so I have to wait to make one machine and then proceed to build another.

lords-mobile-Kingdom-Wars-apk-latest version


But along with building military equipment, you can also improve basic structures, such as barracks, rooms, hospitals, towers, and walls around the perimeter of your land. The castle in Lords mobile on android will act as the main command post which, after a type of pump, will provide new missions to complete, and can increase the number of warriors. Barracks, towers, and towers don’t ask stupid questions about their jobs either.


But, for example, a room like a basement is needed to store useful resources and protect against brazen opponents. The character icon will be displayed at the top of the screen. By clicking once on it, the player will enter the menu for further improvement. This pumping requires talents that the user will earn after finishing the quest, as well as by increasing their level.


Lords Mobile main features

  • The struggle is ongoing with users around the world.
  • The best features from the strategy genre, with a combination of RPG elements.
  • Hunt terrible monsters to win valuable prizes.
  • The ability to enter into friendly cooperation with the noble guilds, helping them with their resources and military might.
  • Keep an eye on the enemy for the perfect attack calculation.
  • Build new defenses and constantly train your troops.
  • Kidnap your opponent’s people, throw them in dungeons and demand a hefty ransom.
  • Large map with real users and exciting battles.

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