Mage And Minions Gift Codes (April 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 1.5.95
Update: 09/03/2023
Install Original android

Fans of RPG game projects for Android will enjoy the new Mage And Minions game. Despite the light weight, minor bugs and shortcomings, the absence of unnecessary bells and whistles, the game has a well-thought-out gameplay and invites you on a journey through a virtual world full of exciting adventures.

Mage And Minions
 Gift Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
BQY5UGHMTS2 233 April 1, 2023
8QW2L6FSVEZ7HBI 984 April 22, 2023
SRJKWH4TN61DEM8F 792 April 30, 2023
2315MIJ7GASOHUQTY 787 March 12, 2023
0NSQJYGM543XTV6 466 April 8, 2023
0SZ32MG8H46C5OFW 421 May 2, 2023
5Z4ORULTK7VP8MQC 265 May 2, 2023
WT8AYCOK0H23MX7EJ 826 April 5, 2023
SPOJ9GYH04DL2Q6 745 March 17, 2023
VOS08MJDLHQI364E 629 April 23, 2023

Mage And Minions is an excellent RPG-game (role-playing game) with picturesque vast locations, bright graphics, unusual characters, bloody battles in which players have to fight hordes of various enemies, ranging from insidious goblins, evil demons, ending with walking skeletons and zombies . As a hero, you can choose a mage or a warrior. Two acts are available for passing, each of which is accompanied by its own unique plot, telling about a brave hero, called upon to defeat the forces of evil. The main task of the players is to defeat the main Villain without breaking under the yoke of hard trials. In many aspects, the mechanics of the game resembles the famous Diablo project.

As for the functionality, all the necessary equipment is distributed in separate slots. Pleasantly pleased with the presence of a menu for crafting. To fight in deadly duels with the forces of evil, you need to collect useful artifacts, upgrade your equipment, weapons, and improve your character’s capabilities. It will take time to improve skills or crystals, which allow you to instantly get the desired skill. There are no skill limits in the game.

You can buy useful equipment in the game shop using diamonds bought for real money. The game does not have a corporate mode. For duels, you can use computer mercenaries who are ready to serve the player faithfully.

Mage And Minions is an exciting adventure game with good graphics, good optimization, thoughtful gameplay. The not very successful annoying soundtrack, which darkens the overall atmosphere, and the insufficient number of sound effects are upsetting. Management is carried out with the help of a tap, there is an automatic attack in close combat with enemies, which is quite justified and very convenient.