Mail Games: Postman Profession Gift Codes (December 2, 2022)

Category Codes
Size 85M
Version 1.1.7
Update: 02/12/2022
Install Original android

Games Mail: Profession postman for android – a new modern post office has opened in the town of Hippo! Do you want to learn more about the profession of a postman? Do you want to test the quadcopter and watch the delivery of packages and letters? Or maybe you are wondering how customs check packages and letters? Then go to the new post office with our beloved Hippy. Mail is waiting! Today you are the main postman!

Mail Games: Postman Profession Gift Codes (December 2, 2022)

You will learn how parcels, packages and letters are delivered. Every day the postman has new interesting tasks, as well as surprises. And these surprises are not always pleasant. Sometimes a strong wind prevents the quadcopter from reaching the right house and delivering an urgent letter. Sometimes packages may contain various prohibited items. In this case, customs and its special mail scanner will help you. A lot of fun and good mood awaits you!

Codes List Number of Valid Until
N3DRE5CJBTZ 239 December 30, 2022
9YSCE4OBNR30AG5 785 January 3, 2023
XV4STNZOI2QDGK1Y 373 January 13, 2023
4DN3BAYKXM5GE6U1S 598 December 5, 2022
MUTD1QPS5Z23B07 395 January 3, 2023
B8EO3YI9RJ06Z1AL 343 December 5, 2022
P7UBZ4YWINXT9M6Q 144 January 17, 2023
NAY93CM5P8Z24GDJS 222 January 17, 2023
3UMCHTBKVYZ9A6N 934 January 18, 2023
1D0FN9HR4YQUXTMG 604 January 16, 2023

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