Major Gun 2 Redeem Codes (June 2023)

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Major GUN 2 is a fast-paced first-person shooter with a single-player mode. Here you have to be in the role of a brave soldier who fights almost alone against criminals, terrorists and other bad guys. To do this, you have at your disposal a considerable number of different firearms, explosives and melee weapons!

Major Gun 2
Redeem Codes (June 2023)
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
RD5PVHXNWJQ765May 26, 2023
BM1H2I7CORQES5W210April 3, 2023
1D9PXUZ6WF5V840N911May 17, 2023
RC2IATQ1MFODSVXLW592April 8, 2023
Z620XIA4NROFU79518May 31, 2023
1FI7X602VSHGUTMQ630May 5, 2023
1PF7E2DJ3XV8WTK6243April 26, 2023
EMC08GRJVAF6B49W3800April 9, 2023
CX4ME2A73QNI16K206April 14, 2023
95DK8IVXCATWLE6P873May 12, 2023

The game has several unique modes in which you will need to go through more than a hundred different missions, where basically you will need to destroy all opponents in the location. You’ll also need to rescue hostages, shoot enemies from a distance with a sniper rifle, and even fight against bosses where you’ll have to explore their combat tactics. As you play, you will discover more and more new types of weapons and skins for them.

The graphics in the game are hand-drawn, with quite spectacular effects of shooting and explosions, which will help you immerse yourself in the gameplay. Each level can be completed a little differently, which will be evaluated on a three-point scale. The better you cope with tasks, the more points you will receive as a reward, which will help you unlock new guns and equipment sooner.

Game Features:
A large number of weapons;
Many unique skins for guns;
Over 100 different missions;
Nice hand drawn graphics.