MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod 270.625226 (Free Shopping)

Category Game Mobile
Size 116M
Version 270.625226
Update: 03/02/2023
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Who doesn’t love Marvel comics? We all adore the many superheroes of this amazingly magical universe. Anyone who’s seen these comic book blockbusters, especially the Avengers series, has probably imagined themselves as one of the more powerful.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest

But so far, such an opportunity has not been offered in life, and there has been a pause between films. For its fans, Marvel has prepared something, a toy developed and implemented based on the android platform “ Marvel Puzzle Quest ” that has absorbed the hallmarks of the whole puzzle. and RPGs.

About the Game

In the story of “Marvel Puzzle Quest Dark Reign”, there are many superheroes and superheroes with different abilities and powers. Among them is the kind who stand up to protect humanity, and the villains who blatantly oppose this alliance. Both those people and others sought to possess a particle that had fallen to the planet along with a meteorite that landed there.

MARVEL Puzzle Quest Mod

In a global sense, the game is a collection of clashes of these most positive characters against the negative ones, and each victory in this battle or the other will bring one or the other. closer to victory. Visually, users of this app go through a quiz like “three in a row” with some of its exclusive features.

Every time on the field of the game, there are icons with images of superheroes directly participating in this battle. Each of them has a power stat, which increases if the player destroys the colored cards for this hero. They also have a life stat, which decreases if the enemy attacks again.

Highlights of Marvel Puzzle Quest

Enemy gunners are hiding behind some counters, you should calculate and kill them in time before they harm your hero. The superpowers on your team will help you with this, because if their power is adequate, then their abilities can be used in battle.

Hack MARVEL Puzzle Quest

The winner is revealed in the simplest and most obvious way: whoever has at least one undefeated hero on the team wins this quiz, receiving a well-deserved reward for this. The application has a kind of special effects that remind us of the cinematic battles of this universe.

But while the Avengers’ enemies are amassing strength and Spider-Man, Captain America, Hulk, Iron Man, and others are recovering their powers, you can download it. Download Marvel Puzzle Quest and fight the enemies of humanity directly from your smartphone or tablet with platforms such as android.