Mini Trucker iOS Mod 1.8.4 (Unlimited Money) Download

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Mini Trucker is a game where this becomes possible. You have to take on the role of a lone wolf, fearlessly facing the difficulties of unknown roads. As in life, you will have to start small and take charge of the safety of your cargo, monitor the condition of the shuttle on the road and the fuel level.

Mini Trucker

Nobody wants the adventure to end in the first place? But you should not be afraid! Fun gameplay, fun music and relaxing scenery will bring a lot of positive emotions, simple controls will help you easily deal with difficulties that arise along the way.

Guide to play Mini Trucker

In the Truckers 2D truck simulator, a large road map with the areas, models and cargo available for transport is presented. For each completed order, you will receive a monetary reward, which will be very useful during the continuation of the game.

Mini Trucker Mod

The fleet will also surprise you with its diversity. But that’s not all! The cars are not only purchasable, but also improved in a variety of ways: from the color of the vehicle and the mass of the trailer, to the strength and volume of the crate, and a mod for a large amount of money. will help you turn a modest pickup. Become a real monster of the road!

Features of Mini Trucker

For all its lightness and simplicity, the game cannot be called boring. The roads have a variety of characteristics, from light highways to bumpy hills or rocky rifts. The weather doesn’t allow you to relax either. In some areas, you will be greeted with snowfall or cold rain.

In addition, you need to keep track of the iron horse, equipment and speed achieved. Well, if the road still seems too measured, you can always install nitrous oxide on your car! Start your horse’s engine and have a good time enjoying the romance of the long hauls!

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