Mining Inc. Codes (April 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 1.16.0
Update: 06/03/2023
Install Original android

Mining Inc. is a mining game from Green Panda Games. The main character is the head of a small mining company who starts his business from the bottom.

Mining Inc.
 Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
1N0DPZGE8WF 863 April 18, 2023
7G8VWEZ5STXB3F9 682 March 28, 2023
BN9YIXQGU1TSEM67 347 April 4, 2023
QVTKGU9A1I6CLMXOE 285 April 20, 2023
XKM0DRIUJC3W4GP 322 April 11, 2023
9X2B80AYL6F4HGEP 768 May 5, 2023
GNA9FT0QHKS2CVP5 701 April 11, 2023
36UAYX5IG8H2PT1N9 570 April 23, 2023
8574FSQZRHVPOM3 653 March 18, 2023
752YTSAREIU0VCHO 652 April 27, 2023

The gameplay is quite simple, but somewhere you will need to apply ingenuity to solve a particular problem. Initially, you have only one mining machine at your disposal. Its mining rate is significantly slower than today’s models, but you have great opportunities to make things right and lead your company to success.

Buy new types of mining devices, place them on objects and increase the production of useful materials that can be sold for serious amounts on the global market. There are quite a few locations for mining: you can place a quarry near a big city and often watch passing cars, or you can install mining machines in the desert – and there are minerals there.
You will also have to carry out the improvement of buildings and apparatus. There are no specific units for specific purposes, because there are two currencies in the game. Regular and special, which is bought for real money. Each improvement will increase the increase in the funds received, but to upgrade the devices you will need to pay serious amounts.

Hiring staff is another part of the gameplay. Hiring managers is not only useful, but also necessary, because it is very difficult to keep track of all the processes. Each manager has a level with him, which can be increased to improve productivity. If your manager tries hard and completes tasks, then experience growth will not be long in coming. Hire only the best specialists for your corporation!

Finding jewels is a thing that depends on luck, but it can bring you serious sums. By accidentally digging a huge quarry in the middle of a giant forest, you can find a golden pig that is worth a fortune. There are many such jewels in the game, and for each of them you can get not only money, but also a percentage increase to receive them. You can also randomly receive a gift.
The graphical component of Mining Inc is a simple low-poly style, but the developers did a good job with the lighting – the game looks really cool. Prove that you can create the most successful company!