Minion Rush (Mod Unlimited Bananas and Tokens) V8.2.2a

NameMinion Rush
CategoryGame Mobile
Install Original android iphone

Minion Rush is a casual game. You have to deal with minions distinguished by their hilarious personalities. The main task of the player is to help the silly yellow shirt people improve their favorite food.


Features of the game Despicable Me

To start improving the jam recipe, players will need to collect fruits, move along the streets of the city. The player will certainly not get bored, as he will have an exciting race for food on the ground and even in the air.

Along the way, players will see famous locations inhabited by yellow creatures: Durakwalyandia, Egyptian ruins, City District, and Felonius Grue Experience Room. You also have to visit minions’ beach.

minion-rush-apk-latest version

Choose fun outfits for golden men and equip them with any piece of jewelry. To cope with the task at hand, you will need to show all your ingenuity and resourcefulness.

Minion Rush Gameplay

The game will have to engage in a battle with ventriloquist and the arch-enemies of El Macho’s minions. In addition to completing quests, participants can go online and fight with real players.


The game offers all kinds of nice bonuses and gifts. But at the same time, you also have to try a lot to find them. The advantages of the entertainment application Despicable Me include colorful graphics, funny voice acting and great animation.


In addition to the main adventure, users are invited to participate in mini-games. At the same time, he can visit the moon and even fly on a rhinoceros. To pass the level, the player will get delicious fruit. It is from them that Dr. Nefario will make a wonderful jam.