mist forest Codes (February 2023)

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Update: 16/01/2023
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Mist Forest is a wonderful role playing game in a fantasy setting. Here you will find yourself in a huge fairy-tale world where you have to assemble your own army of heroes and fight hordes of monsters. Explore dangerous dungeons, find treasures, valuable artifacts and cleanse the land of evil forces!

mist forest
 Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
10DSYLAM3U6 499 January 29, 2023
OSE87FCXHNRTDQA 754 February 3, 2023
XCP7LNY1G0BWJQEV 362 February 20, 2023
SQ35D6YPX4T9MGC01 864 January 29, 2023
XHQ9NA1T0O7L5DV 475 March 16, 2023
BYC1MOWJA6NV25H4 282 January 29, 2023
XFB9HP62C4A15D8E 623 March 13, 2023
10O72X48DV9KTQU5Z 929 March 2, 2023
PM9LJYBF0Q8O2RK 948 January 31, 2023
XNS40FRT5MUKL7AP 898 February 5, 2023

At the very beginning of the storyline, you can go through a tutorial mission where you will learn all the basics of management. Then, you will have at your disposal one hero with several soldiers as support, with whom you will begin the passage of dangerous tasks. Over time, defeating enemies and accumulating experience points, recruit new melee soldiers, archers, magicians and healers into your ranks. The outcome of the battle largely depends on the balance of the team. Also, gradually upgrade their characteristics, finding more powerful equipment, and learn new abilities.

The mechanics of the game is quite simple, all battles take place automatically, at this time you can use the super-attacks of the army leader, change the position of the fighters and use additional abilities. There are daily quests where you need to fight bosses of various difficulties for a good reward. Each opponent has his own tactics of warfare, from which you need to be prepared for surprises and how to prepare!

Game Features:
Beautiful external design of the game with a unique atmosphere;
Dozens of types of warriors and characters;
The ability to upgrade the characteristics of heroes and learn new abilities;
Simple controls and automatic battles.