MODERN WARSHIPS Codes (September 17, 2022)

NameMODERN WARSHIPS Codes (September 17, 2022)
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MODERN WARSHIPS is an exciting action game for Android in which you will take part in incredible battles of warships!

In the game MODERN WARSHIPS you have to fight in the open sea with players from all over the world. Develop tactics and choose the ship that best suits your fighting style. A heavy aircraft carrier, or the largest nuclear missile cruiser – all these ships will be under your control. The ships are made according to the drawings of existing ships of different fleets of the world in compliance with their combat characteristics.

Crush your enemies with torpedoes, rockets, machine guns, bombers and the latest technology. Use aircraft for lightning strikes against the enemy, or long-range missiles to stay out of the enemy’s reach. Or destroy the enemy at close range, using the maneuverability and driving characteristics of the ship. Upgrade your ship and weapons. Feel like a commander of a warship!


  • Exciting naval online battles;
  • Dozens of the best warships from around the world;
  • Large base of weapons and improvements;
  • Tournaments and awards;
  • Realistic graphics and special effects;
  • Optimization for weak devices.
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
LXGYEAU0QZV109October 19, 2022
3H5EBOGKDI84Z91659October 24, 2022
F3C6RNA052IJPL9Q689October 16, 2022
A0S6IUQZ1BTV2H7CD620October 14, 2022
UWD98JX56OGPHV2195October 1, 2022
9QCKFA3HZWXENL4U728September 19, 2022
JIL5X2ZHUGATRW46315September 2, 2022
6RSOBTQ3FD108XLJK812September 8, 2022
5COF3WR94KY0LTS256October 28, 2022
OEBZ4KSL7A2U68WT999September 23, 2022

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