Mortal Portal Gift Codes (February 2023)

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Version 3.3.22
Update: 13/01/2023
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Mortal Portal is a port of the famous strategy RPG, which once gained immense popularity among hundreds of thousands of gamers on the social network VKontakte and has finally appeared on Android devices. Summon unique creatures and heroes, create your strongest squads, upgrade them and win spectacular battles!

Mortal Portal
 Gift Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
7RPNW5X9YOZ 329 February 11, 2023
CWQ8KDFOXTS53Y0 770 March 7, 2023
M8GSXQV5EYW6H01C 199 February 5, 2023
RMDIZU84VJ0L1AYHS 672 January 31, 2023
XLOI62TEC0MUAYP 510 January 21, 2023
I2M53HBG8NQXJ0YF 990 January 28, 2023
54ISQTPY1DBA09NW 966 February 22, 2023
E5GKR6USB823T1A4L 794 January 22, 2023
3BDAYNEIMP2VWOL 234 March 8, 2023
JQ8LHGW695V3RON4 380 January 28, 2023

The game features several hundred different heroes and fantastic creatures that can be called upon to fight and upgraded as you progress through the game. Each of them has its own level, experience, rank and class. You can either go through a single player campaign by clearing the arena from opponents and getting rewards for it, or try to compete with other players.

All battles take place in automatic mode, so you need to choose heroes wisely and make powerful and balanced teams. During the battle, weapons and equipment play a huge role, you can defeat the player much stronger if you correctly set the weapon according to the elements. There is also a trade function here, where you can put up your Persian for sale or purchase a new hero.

Game Features:
Daily bonuses;
500 original characters;
Ability to compete with other players;
Various tournaments and events;
Beautiful and atmospheric graphics.