My anime girl 2 Mod Varies with device (Unlimited Money) for Download

SizeVaries with device
VersionVaries with device
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My anime girl 2 – an interesting simulation game that will surely appeal to anime fans. There, anime-style graphics and gamers receive a neku – an extremely adorable pet. Wolf is a girl with whom you can interact, communicate, play, feed, teach something. Wear different clothes, create images, go through mini-games to get rewards.

My anime girl 2

Together, time passes. Neka is always happy to see the owner, ready to talk. It is necessary to promptly meet the needs of the ward, prepare healthy snacks for the grandchildren, and put them to bed on a daily basis. For successful completion of the game, coins will be awarded, which can be used to buy new outfits and entertainment. The control is very simple, it is done by the tapes on the screen.

My animegirl 2 has great graphics, smooth strokes and animations of movements that bring the heroine to life. Communication is fun. Well optimized, has low system requirements. You can get started right after installation without lengthy parameter adjustments.

My anime girl 2 Mod

A mod that earns a lot of money, an intuitive interface in English, a wide selection of food and clothes. Good music, various mini-games, large selection of items to buy, addictive gameplay, fully interactive charismatic characters. Wolf – the girl looks very cute, with fluffy ears and tail, every day she learns something new thanks to her owner. Her needs are visible on the screen – 2 icons around the edges indicate if the neka is hungry or bored, demanding attention.