My Cafe Mod 2023.4.1.0 (Unlimited Coins and Gems VIP 7)

Install Original android iphone

To get experience points and level up in My Cafe, you need to buy new furniture, develop menus, and decorate the interior and exterior. Creating a profitable coffee shop in a huge city is an exciting multi-million dollar task. The improvement of the cafe was influenced by the casual visitor. They have desires, inclinations for menus, lighting, and other little things. After learning the important nuances and secrets, you can succeed in a small business many times faster. Innovation will become your advantage and primary means of achieving your goals.


Restaurant simulation game

An important attribute of the whole game is the cooking device. It depends on the speed of preparing and waiting for the customer’s dish. The faster the processes are done, the more they can be done in terms of numbers. To work efficiently, the user will recruit staff for the cafe. The engagement of qualified staff and management transforms an average establishment into a high-end restaurant.


Game Features

The player is determined and makes decisions regarding the growth of the business – he builds a restaurant or a cozy cafe. Based on the decision, it buys equipment, decoration, and interior elements. The format can be very different. Design and style solutions can be expressed in any form, color, shape. The chef prepares the most exquisite, authentic dishes with real dishes from real life.


In the process of playing My Cafe, there will be many mini-quests, mini-games, for which the hero will receive bonuses to develop his business. In total, there are no more than five characters in the application: a chef, a cashier, a waiter, a director, the tasks of which are performed by the main character himself. Only he can decide what subordinates will do and in what direction to develop. There are many options. The game is synchronized with various services and social networks, through which you can invite your friends to join the application and compete with them for the title of the best chef or restaurant owner in the city.