Neo Monsters Gift Codes (April 2023)

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Version 2.35
Update: 30/03/2023
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Neo Monsters is an unusual role-playing game for Android in which you have to breed and grow monsters. In the future, they can be used for combat battles with real players or characters controlled by artificial intelligence.

Neo Monsters
 Gift Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
XO1WBM9VC7A 500 March 31, 2023
8RJ2LADIPMBZEF9 738 April 5, 2023
2Z8VNWAPH61ESM4G 941 April 6, 2023
281I0EGODLJYU73WX 978 May 10, 2023
JSL9RCZFN6HDA5I 541 April 8, 2023
EHWPMRT36YVFJA1U 264 May 21, 2023
3HSRG2XNTYC6BZAF 760 March 31, 2023
ZOP35JDI91FQ7MNB0 392 April 20, 2023
UH2MVB9QX8PNZW3 360 May 21, 2023
D9V5US0T1X46E3KL 313 May 20, 2023

Players inherit from their beloved Uncle Hector an old ranch with large land holdings. But instead of farming, uncle raised monsters instead of cows and sheep. The players must continue the work of their ancestor!

It is necessary to carefully examine the surrounding space of locations, find useful resources, discover new types of monsters that you need not only to tame, but also pay attention to their development, training, in order to further use their skills in combat battles. Your pets can be crossed with each other to obtain new varieties. In total, more than 900 different types of scary creatures are available in the game.

After a short training, leaving the ranch, the players enter the capital of the Fairy Kingdom, where new territories will be open for exploration, as well as combat competitions and exciting battles with opponents. Monsters that will meet on the way can be tamed, using for their own purposes or just shoot. To destroy a terrible creature, it is necessary to reduce the scale of its health to a minimum, after which you can capture it.

The goal of the game is to assemble a really cool team of monsters to confront the forest villains that will meet on the way while exploring the gaming locations of the Kingdom. For victories, players receive experience and credits.

Neo Monsters is an exciting RPG project that will delight players with a large open world, interesting picturesque locations, nice colorful graphics and high-quality animation. The gameplay is varied and interesting. The downside of the game is the lack of Russian localization.