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No Way To Die is an exciting Android game in which you will survive in a post-apocalyptic world!

In No Way To Die, you wake up in a secret bunker years after a mysterious asteroid hit Earth. You have the ability to regenerate and are reborn as a clone with all your memories. The artificial intelligence that controls the bunker sent you to the surface to assess the situation and eliminate possible threats. Now your goal is to survive!

You have to explore various places inhabited by creatures that survived the apocalypse and mutated into dangerous zombie symbionts. Hunt and gather mushrooms and berries in the forest. Chop trees, mine clay and ore. Look for useful items in the trash, chests and abandoned cars.

Craft weapons, armor and equipment to defend your hideout from the raging hordes of zombies and beasts that come every night.

Fortify and equip your shelter. Surround your bunker with strong walls and set traps. Place production stations and chests to store various items.

Features of the game No Way To Die:

  • Many dangerous animals and creepy zombies;
  • Various types of weapons, equipment and armor;
  • Hopper protection mode;
  • Crafting system;
  • Great graphics.

Earn experience and upgrade your character. No one knows what happened to the planet after the asteroid hit. Find out the truth and save your family who is in the bunker.


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