Om Nom: Chase Coupon Codes (September 15, 2022)

NameOm Nom: Chase Coupon Codes (September 15, 2022)
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Om Nom Chase is a fun running game in which you will join the journey of Om Nom and Om Nyashi through the dangerous streets of Nomeville! Avoid obstacles and use power-ups to clear the way!

Om Nom Run Features:

  • Complete various missions: overcome certain distances, collect letters, perform amazing stunts or simply race in endless mode;
  • Use powerful power-ups: rockets, bouncy boots, magnets and double coins;
  • Unlock various characters from the Cut the Rope universe and cool outfits;
  • Explore amazing locations: busy streets, rooftops, underground tunnels, a robot factory and more.
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
SGLJPEZBT0F546September 19, 2022
LNRVPD0UAOCM9XY170October 30, 2022
92K0Q3S5MX6YNIDA255October 9, 2022
DVQBJUL1WSX24Z7AT633October 15, 2022
CQJ745WTG306KVZ150September 30, 2022
T6FOKANLH9WCE3PI828November 11, 2022
G8ZL4S9ECYH0RUX6177November 10, 2022
58FL79K0YXRASWBDP166October 27, 2022
N0YLSDGKQXUVIMJ182October 15, 2022
HRC5GZVWFDN3I79P759October 5, 2022

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