Otherworld Legends Codes Mod 1.16.2 (Unlimited Money)

Category Action
Size 630M
Version 1.16.2
Update: 22/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Otherworld Legends is an engaging role-playing adventure with action. Made in a nostalgic style, the game invites fans of the genre to be transported into a sort of comic book, on the pages of which the main action of a complex plot will develop. Choosing one of many characters, the player will be forced to plunge into uncovering royal intrigues, to which he will soon be drawn and completely, in this connection, he will have to choose his side and Do everything to crush the enemy and achieve peace on his homeland.


Gameplay and Story

Otherworld Legends is an addicting Roguelike killer set in the incredible kingdom of Asura that transcends space and time. Players will have to visit many different locations, from gloomy dungeons and ending up in a beautiful bamboo forest. In such a fascinating journey, the secrets of the magical world will be revealed.

Otherworld-Legends-apk-latest version

Start playing and see how fun and exciting things are in Otherworld Legends. Try to decide on the character choice, because the monetization mod will provide a sea of ​​melee and ranged fighters, magicians, merchants, and thieves.

Features of Otherworld Legends

Try to wander through the vast eastern bamboo groves, hired by wealthy rulers, looking for someone who will entrust you with the most fun and exciting quest in the interactive universe. Chop multiple opponents with swords, throw shurikens, use knives and stakes, nunchucks, and just a combination of punches and kicks.


Buy imbued gear, spend the experience gained to raise your hero’s vital stats, find a way to get hold of ancient gear with magical stats. Enhance your hero’s classic traits and learn more passive auras and active techniques that have a huge impact on the combat system.


Try to join forces with your friends online and share experiences equally, fighting epic bosses, exploring temples and villages, caves and valleys. Try to create the necessary acquaintances between members of the royal family, enjoy the freedom of action in the project.