Panilla Saga Coupon Codes (February 2023)

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Version 3.9.202
Update: 11/01/2023
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Panilla Saga – Epic Adventure is a colorful RPG with strategy elements and automatic battles. According to the story, you will find yourself in a magical world where peaceful life has been seething for many centuries under a bright star and the patronage of a deity. But everything changed when the god’s power ran out and the planet plunged into chaos!

Panilla Saga
 Coupon Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
IHFBSDKU0MO 652 March 9, 2023
S6UAPXZRGKVJL7Y 788 February 13, 2023
74FLT3OPH1ZCKWRB 874 February 27, 2023
NFV5I6XRQWEAHMP2T 609 January 12, 2023
Y36EIBO78GZ50V2 497 February 27, 2023
AZ1EGHJNQDL92V4O 269 February 22, 2023
RFAXB6QL4G3WV27T 757 January 18, 2023
PKHRU7WA1B8QX4T3G 379 January 18, 2023
XQGDWKR4H2SJ1IY 123 March 8, 2023
851PW2HNACSFR37Q 886 February 13, 2023

People began to kindle senseless warriors, and the forces of evil began to take over the world little by little. You, along with brave heroes, will have to try to protect the remaining lands and drive away evil spirits from the planet. It will be quite difficult to do this, since the enemy is a polynomial. Therefore, act carefully, thinking up tactics for future battles in advance.

The battles themselves take place in automatic mode, but before each battle you will need to think about the composition, or use unique abilities during the battle. The graphics are created in anime style, with well-detailed models and colorful effects of magic, blows and explosions!

Game Features:
Many different heroes;
Captivating storyline;
Epic battles in automatic mode;
Colorful graphics in anime style.