Pastel Friends Mod 1.5.2 (Free Shopping)

Category Casual
Size 53M
Version 1.5.2
Update: 21/01/2023
Install Original android iphone

Pastel Friends is a great relaxing game with cute anime-style drawings. The gameplay is reminiscent of children’s paper dolls. But today we have more serious technology and a wider range of creativity. So, it is not surprising that the world has appeared a complete application, containing many unique personality creation tools. The design of the game is true to its name: all the drawing elements are made in soft, soothing colors and the details are traced perfectly complementing the graphics.

Pastel Friends

In the game, when customizing the character, you can change the hair color, skin tone, choose clothes, and even the character’s posture. Dozens of face styles and features will accurately convey the mood and personality of your profile picture, and a large number of accessories will help you express yourself.

Pastel Friends Mod

Whether your character is a shy sweet girl, a dorm roommate who just woke up, or a strict businesswoman – all this is in the game Pastel Friends But it is not all. If the 100+ different details aren’t enough for you, you can add real wings and a halo to your avatar! And with the latest update, respirators and some medical masks will appear in your arsenal.

Hack Pastel Friends

The developer has approached the idea of ​​creating an avatar with love, so now you can even buy an astronaut costume for your character! You can always unlock these extra packs by publicly installing the mod on everything. Feel free to change your style and don’t let your profile picture get boring! Add cute friends for him – let a fun company with unique and stylish characters settle in your phone!