Patrick Star. Sponges Neighbor of Bob 3D Codes (December 2, 2022)


Patrick Star. Sponges Neighbor of Bob 3D for Android is an exciting game about how Sponge Bob met his neighbor Patrick! It’s time to find out all about Patrick! You have to discreetly explore your neighbor’s house and find out all his secrets.

Patrick Star.  Sponges Neighbor of Bob 3D Codes (December 2, 2022)

A few days ago you moved to a new place. And you found out that your neighbor is Patrick! He was very suspicious! He was hiding in his garage. You shouted to him: “Hi, Patrick, this is Sponge!” But he didn’t answer. You got very angry and decided to come back later. You need to find the main entrance to Patrick’s house and then complete various missions. Your goal is the basement of his house. It is there that the key to unraveling all the secrets of Patrick is located!

Something strange is going on in his house! Often you see strange people with big bags near his house! Sometimes you hear screams and sounds of struggle… Look for and use useful items: gas pipe, keys and more! Patrick is very dangerous! Be careful, the neighbor can lie in wait for you anywhere! In a critical situation, you can run away and hide in your house!


  • Stunning 3D graphics;
  • Immersive music;
  • Simple controls;
  • Amazing environment!
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
7T4LC1HGVDI728December 25, 2022
D1SR3F8PCIM0EGX712December 5, 2022
XDP1J3QOM9ZIELYG733December 12, 2022
TO178I0H3NWXQAR5Y797December 7, 2022
CHWA4EQTL9ZVK7Y705December 7, 2022
E16NZRS290TBUYLJ513December 6, 2022
13NL7HOJUXBQC5WY686January 7, 2023
O6N540CPDZTVJGMAY507January 5, 2023
MLE910HO7TQCUIF247January 4, 2023
0VZQO7SRE6H1FCN2741January 11, 2023