PC Creator iOS Mod 5.8.7 (Unlimited Money and Bitcoin)

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PC Creator – PC Building Simulator – a game that makes you feel like a master of assembling computers. If you love technology and are always happy to spend a few hours assembling it – then the game is for you! Collect and upgrade your PC, complete orders, and get customers! Increase your reputation and then you will be able to choose more and more complex and interesting orders.


Features of PC Creator

PC Creator – PC Building Simulator will amaze you with its detail. The game has a bunch of parts for PCs and laptops. Maybe even some of the brands will sound familiar to you. This simulator is very realistic and will require a constant level of skills.

Even to install the processor on the motherboard you must be able to heat paste correctly! And the operating system installation will take a long time and practice you will not have to access the BIOS. Details also don’t escape thin air. To do this, you need to keep your backpack full and periodically fill it with tools from the online store.


And if the order requires a rare part, then you will have to venture out and tour the vastness of the Darknet. But keep in mind that this practice is very dangerous and you can easily puncture a pig. With the growth of your modest business, a personal shopper will appear in the game, where you can sell your own assembled computer.

But that’s not all! You will have access to your mining room! Earn bitcoins and exchange them for money – spend on improving the mining farm that will pay interest. Or install a mod to earn lots of bitcoins to make it easier to start your career as a computer master.

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Tips for playing PC Creator

Start your career as a computer master from the bottom up. Complete orders and let them gain experience to upgrade your skills as a computer assembler. Earn money from personal orders to buy new items for your computer. For example, buy a new generation video card to set an in-game performance record.

The application can mine cryptocurrency using the computer that you collect. This opens up new gameplay possibilities. Depending on the compatibility of the components, you will earn more and more crypto coins, and therefore more money!


In the future, you will not have to fulfill orders yourself, you can open your own repair office or buy a large room for assembling cryptocurrencies.


The realism of the game is taken care of to the smallest detail. When assembling a computer, you cannot make a mistake, otherwise, it risks breaking the entire system. This game can be used to teach assembly skills, of course, you won’t become a computer master, but this game will give you experience.


In any case, the game will give you a lot of positive emotions and allow you to refresh the computer device in your memory. Install the game and try your hand at this exciting high-tech field!

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