Peasants and Heroes 3D MMO Coupon Codes (January 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 4.89.4 (r61003)
Update: 17/01/2023
Install Original android

Peasants and Heroes 3D MMO is a massively multiplayer MMO game for Android, with a huge open world and hundreds of thousands of players from all over the world. This magical world is full of magic, wizards, dragons, warriors, swords and countless different creatures. Join the game, explore the magical world and complete hundreds of story missions.

Peasants and Heroes 3D MMO
 Coupon Codes (January 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
N798D5VCSYQ 383 February 4, 2023
XL15FKBGD384267 675 February 18, 2023
HTR0GL83WE2UJD9P 795 February 10, 2023
BI8KMJDWC6VGELU7O 285 January 24, 2023
R6Y1O59F0K8JSBG 287 February 3, 2023
ZQXBKYWC3RH9GT5J 105 January 30, 2023
14FZDKBRJEGN2W5T 147 February 24, 2023
BW9H7YV3ZKU1XEMJS 350 February 19, 2023
NRMIDT3Q521Z9G6 725 March 14, 2023
RHE9YA6X2DKWFTQL 101 March 7, 2023

Immerse yourself in the world of KiG, get acquainted with its huge history, learn more about the legendary four – Celestia, Marat, Calypso and Voltan – these are the first, most courageous heroes who sacrificed themselves in order to save the world from the terrible villain and tyrant Malloch and his army of monsters. Prosperity and light reign in the world again, but the remaining monsters and monsters thirsty want to return everything back, establish their old order and cover this world with darkness.

Create your own character, join the ranks of valiant warriors and upgrade them the way you want thanks to the unique “Dwarven Power” leveling method. This leveling system allows players to mix, match, swap, personalize and create equipment and weapons in exactly the way they want. All weapons and armor that the player uses will give him not only magical and heroic abilities, but also certain characteristics and skills that can be combined as he pleases.

A beautiful and huge open world will open before you. You can admire the nature of the forest, enjoy the sunset in the fields, or quite the contrary, go to the sinister dark lands. Come face to face with zombies in creepy dungeons, rundown stairways, or head into the mountains to encounter arcane magic. The world is so huge that it is not known how long it will take to explore it all!

The main features of the game:
A large number of players from all over the world;
8 different characters;
Unique and well-thought-out system of their pumping;
Huge open 3D world;
Regular updates.