Penguin Isle iOS Mod 1.51.0 (Unlimited Gems/Free Shopping)

NamePenguin Isle
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Penguin Isle is a game whose goal is for the player to relax. Nowadays there are many projects coming out on mobile phones that require a good response. But there are very few games that allow you to relax. It is not necessary to perform quick and complicated actions here. You just have to observe the life of the penguin and sometimes make improvements when there is enough gold for this.


How to play Penguin Isle

Gold is mined passively. It is brought by the penguins themselves, as well as various buildings. The island can be improved by adding new glaciers to it, they are equipped automatically.


For example, a glacier could become a flower garden, or some other infrastructure. Penguins can also do everything from fishing to construction. And all of this will bring passive income.

penguin-isle-apk-latest version

You just need to invest in the right way. If you want more gold, you can upgrade the penguin that is busy with work. If you want more room for improvement, add another glacier.


Features of Penguin Isle

Interestingly, the development of Penguin Island is very slow. And at first, the pace of this match is very attractive. But when a lot of time has passed, the play will become boring. You will want to grow faster, but with each new building, the price will increase. At this moment, a mod with a lot of money will come to the rescue.


With its help, you can build all the buildings that interest you at once. You can even start a new game and rebuild an already developed island in just a few hours to see its smooth evolution. But not necessarily use, you can start a simple game to smoothly improve your island, it all depends on your will.

Download ( V1.51.0 )
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