Perfect World Mobile: Beginning Gift Codes (April 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 1.590.0
Update: 06/03/2023
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Perfect World Mobile: Origins is a mobile adaptation of the popular MMORPG released 12 years ago. A cool RPG with great graphics and an endless open world that will invite you to make your way through it using one of the six classes of the hero.

Perfect World Mobile: Beginning
 Gift Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
PCSZIEOMAHU 578 April 27, 2023
4STJV8BD2RN5EPO 501 April 26, 2023
JUKQ8C5SD7ZA031R 339 April 23, 2023
SQPHAXTE783FUJMNG 645 March 12, 2023
1V5ABJN97YIR0Q4 900 March 20, 2023
10QCRWS75F39U6IE 518 May 4, 2023
E4LAR0DSI1M2FP7B 483 March 30, 2023
JETM6WKU43FVGBI2P 452 March 22, 2023
81HY6UPX593K4JN 353 April 17, 2023
R0KN54OAJ67SXMWE 718 March 26, 2023

Give him a unique look by choosing race, gender, appearance, and go on an unforgettable journey! You are waiting for insidious dungeons, dense forests, incredible clouds of the empyrean and other locations. Run on the ground and soar in the air! There are no spaces here that you cannot conquer.

The hero needs to be developed and improved. This is facilitated by the level system. When a character gains a new level in battles, one or another characteristic will increase and a skill point will be added. For points, you can improve certain skills that the character uses. Five elements, a huge number of spells and much more.

Challenge the most dangerous enemies and destroy powerful bosses! Gather in clans and seize territories. The project has several servers, you can participate in such large-scale battles as server against server! Battles abound in variety and vivid effects. A large number of abilities that are used during the battle, allow you to create combinations and various “talent builds”, so the game will definitely not be boring! The graphics in the game are decent – beautiful and juicy locations, detailed characters, detailed effects.

Project Features:
Detailed character customization;
Walk on the ground and fly through the air in the huge game world!
Get a new experience of unpredictable battles;
Chic Asian fantasy style;
Next generation graphics for mobile devices;
Completely in Russian.