Pirate Kings Redeem Codes (January 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 9.2.6
Update: 18/01/2023
Install Original android

Pirate Kings for Android is a new mobile real-time strategy that differs significantly from similar game projects. The main feature of the game is that all actions are performed instantly. There is no need to waste time on the construction of important buildings, the development of the territory. You just need to spin the drum, getting bonuses for it, attack and rob the territories of opponents.

Pirate Kings
 Redeem Codes (January 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
Q32YUTE9ZI5 1000 February 16, 2023
72WF6KZCH0EXTMV 878 March 11, 2023
9SP5BMTO01HUL4X6 151 January 27, 2023
HOAXSEL14GVY03RBU 970 January 28, 2023
EILP1QWMA04G3T9 732 February 11, 2023
CH81KLD2V9NTR50M 215 February 13, 2023
8MCDYKPGXR5Z3F4S 805 February 4, 2023
R0C7D6KWPLZSH1M2V 294 March 17, 2023
BDJS02Z8YGRUO6I 629 February 26, 2023
NVZ29QAM76BG8JHS 365 March 18, 2023

Players get at their disposal a small island, which, according to all the rules of strategy, needs to be built, strengthened, and defended. To develop the territory, you will need gold coins, which can be obtained in battles with other players, by robbery and robbery.

The strategy gameplay is very simple and fun. The main component of the gameplay is the drum, each sector of which has a different meaning. Periodically, you will need to spin the drum to get bonuses, gold coins, improvements. In addition to money sectors, there are fields of attack, defense, robbery, and energy points on the reel. After the attack, you can select a random enemy to attack his island. For the victory, 300 thousand gold coins will be credited to the game account. If you lose, the treasury will be empty by 100 thousand gold.

If the defense field falls on the reel, the island will be protected from enemy attacks, and in the event of an attack, the enemy will receive three times less gold coins. The rotation of the drum occurs due to energy points. And if you’re lucky and the energy sector falls out, its reserves will be increased by 10 units. The most profitable is the field of robbery. If fortune is favorable, each successful robbery brings one and a half million gold coins to the treasury, which can be spent on the further development of your island or fleet.

Initially, only one island is available for development, which can be equipped at your discretion. For coins, the player buys various buildings, green spaces, ships for the fleet, furniture, unique decor items. You can even get a personal pet. After the development, the maximum development of the island, new opportunities open up, it becomes possible to build, develop new territories, build more advanced objects. For each upgrade, the construction of a strategically important building, the player receives a blue star. The total number of stars determines the position of the player in the rating table.

Pirate Kings is an original, fun strategy in which there is no need to constantly control important game processes. Everything is extremely simple and clear. It is enough to turn the drum several times a day for five minutes. Despite the simplicity of the gameplay, it was not without donation, built-in in-game purchases. For real money, you can purchase improvements, replenish energy points, which is necessary to rotate the drum. In all other respects, it remains only to hope for good luck and the favor of fortune.