Pixel Gun 3D Codes (September 17, 2022)

NamePixel Gun 3D Codes (September 17, 2022)
Install Original android

Pixel Gun 3D: Battle Royale is a cool pocket first person shooter for android!

Fight with players from all over the world! You can create and customize your character with a special skin editor!

Multiplayer Mode In Pixel Gun. Deathmatch mode:

  • World and local;
  • Unique cards of various shapes and sizes;
  • A variety of weapons, ranging from the Magic Wand, M16 Battle Rifle, Desert Eagle Gold Pistol, Lightsaber to an ordinary knife;
  • Up to 8 players in one game;
  • Chat is now available! Chat with friends right during the battle!

Pixel Gun 3D Cooperative Mode:

  • Up to 4 Players in one game;
  • Chat is also available!
  • 8 special cards;
  • Hard gameplay;
  • Prize coins for the best result.

Pixel Gun Campaign Mode:

In this story mode, your character will come face to face with hordes of zombies attacking from all sides. Lots of enemies ranging from cops and robbers to nurses!

Your only task in Pixel Gun 3D is to destroy them all. If you manage this, you will face an evil zombie boss. By making a chop out of it, you will open a portal to the next battlefield!

  • Wide range of weapons such as Colt, Heavy Machine Gun, AK47, MP5 and more;
  • Many different cards;
  • Many types of zombies and enemies;
  • Stunning pixel HD graphics with dynamic light;
  • Breathtaking sound effects and soundtracks;
  • New training camp for beginners;
  • More detailed graphics;
  • Cool new maps like Forest;
  • More difficult gameplay: now you can’t pass through crowds of enemies. Beware of narrow passages and lanes! There you have almost no chance to get out alive!

Pixel Gun 3D Skin Editor:

Now you can create your own skin and use it in a multiplayer game!

Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
7MLZK56UOV1186September 19, 2022
16U8V7XOKBGWNFA794September 25, 2022
DV9QG0XOR7UH3J2A316October 11, 2022
BM09TDN2ZUVEQA1S4709September 15, 2022
YIOZHT2XF75RP18861September 10, 2022
KH68FP7JQEU2DXLN251October 2, 2022
3LOG2BP5J49TNQZM941September 24, 2022
73DEC1GBOJIRLMQXK310October 3, 2022
V5TMY13PGWDCAEO485September 22, 2022
M7ZUKY5L1W0CSIVJ873October 14, 2022

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