Point Blank: Strike Redeem Codes (July 10, 2022)

NamePoint Blank: Strike Redeem Codes (July 10, 2022)
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The legendary first-person shooter Point Blank is now available for Android mobile devices! Engage in epic battles in real time! You will experience the same thrill as when playing Point Blank for PC. Even the maps are the same: Horror, Area06 and Burning Hall!


  • Furious multiplayer 4v4 battles in real time!
  • Lots of exciting game modes!
  • A simple auto-aim and shoot system makes the game accessible to players of all skill levels!
  • Dance like a butterfly, pity like a rain of bullets! Intuitive, responsive controls!
  • You can play even on devices with low memory and low specifications!

If your device has at least 300 MB of free space and 1 GB of RAM, you can safely play!

Minimum specifications for Point Blank: Strike:

  • 1 GB RAM, 1.2 GHz dual-core processor or more;
  • The game requires an internet connection;
  • Approximately 300 MB of free space is required.
Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
V5SWKACOPEB483July 28, 2022
UA1CMW4SOD2VLJ3435July 26, 2022
0LH2I17ANXOFZVYR762August 21, 2022
UO96SF70YHP4L5ERT217August 5, 2022
IL90S7RZ5KXBPN4829August 6, 2022
MBAEX0D6TS72WKOP652July 24, 2022
21GL0NAQSYZTKWDB479August 14, 2022
70GSDHWA2J4KNMB5C491July 13, 2022
3LYE2Q4NZO7MRCW744July 30, 2022
I7MRZCT2YV8ES491940September 8, 2022

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