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Radio Commander is an exciting RTS game where you have to command a squad of soldiers using radio communications. Develop a strategic plan, make responsible decisions and don’t let your squad down!

Radio Commander
Coupon Codes (June 2023)
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MQ74VSCWYDUAGJER484January 11, 2023

The action takes place in Vietnam, where you have the opportunity to visit the American commander in chief, who controls the situation on the battlefield. You are far away from your squad and give commands using radio communications, but it is up to you to determine the further development of events. Can you lead the squad to victory?

This military real-time strategy will delight you with high-quality graphics and a well-developed plot. Every decision you make will change the course of events. Keep track of events by requesting detailed reports from the battlefield, use the map to develop a successful strategy for attacking opponents, carefully control the situation and prevent the death of civilians.

The developers took care not only of the storyline, but also of the voice acting – the commander of each squad has its own, unique voice. Give your squad commands, make difficult decisions and end the war with the least losses.

Game Features:
15 different squads of soldiers and vehicles with special characteristics;
9 exciting missions;
600 unique dialogues between the commander in chief and his units;
The ability to influence the development of the plot;
High-quality voice acting that makes the characters unique.