Ramboat - Jumping Shooter Game Coupon Codes (January 2023)

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Version 4.3.9
Update: 16/01/2023
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Ramboat – Jumping Shooter Game is a cool game created by developers from Genera Games. It does not have a clear genre focus, but combines a little bit of everything: from runners, from shooters, and from arcades. The main character is the brave guy Mambo, who, together with his team, runs away from angry enemies, following the riverbed in an inflatable boat. Opponents will attack you both from the ground and from the air, but you are also seriously armed, you have everything in your arsenal – from a pistol to a rocket launcher and a laser.

Ramboat – Jumping Shooter Game
 Coupon Codes (January 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
L4TB3SQ0ONP 227 February 3, 2023
QMGWJSBE8ZFO12K 826 February 19, 2023
FE4A70NWZ2D3U9BH 961 February 1, 2023
LPRY86SCZW5IFHQ1K 212 January 25, 2023
GP5O92L13FI6TMZ 423 March 13, 2023
JY6AM3ZSHV7OI104 391 January 21, 2023
FEZ5SCL1HD6KB0P4 521 February 15, 2023
X0WSQI71CNK2TV3EJ 935 March 17, 2023
LB8Y06WOHZ1K7RU 415 March 1, 2023
JIBN5EZOS4T0CG1Q 210 March 8, 2023

Go through all 9 locations full of battles, win and get valuable rewards for victory. Gradually, you will be able to unlock both new characters and more advanced vehicles. An excellent toy with intense gameplay, vivid art and a variety of features, deserving a place in the top of the best projects according to the authoritative Time magazine.