Ramp Car Jumping Mod 2.5.0 (All Cars Unlocked)

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Ramp Car Jumping welcomes new players with realistic 3D graphics. The dynamic soundtrack only fuels crazy antics in the process. The controls are simple and uncomplicated, allowing you to focus entirely on the ramp. Coins counter, distance traveled, speedometer – it’s all useful to players on their way to the finish line. In addition, in the main menu there is a section of the garage, where, if desired, you can change the boring car to a new model.

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Everyone has wanted to destroy something, break it and grind it into powder. These are good ways to blow off steam after school or work. What do the action creators expect?

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The gameplay in Ramp Car Jumping is based on crossing the maximum distance and ideally reaching the finish line. To do this, gamers will have to release the demon inside and press the accelerator pedal hard, rushing straight up from a special pedal. The longer a player stays in the air, the more money he will earn. Tricks can help. They are given additional rewards.

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A large number of locations will not let you get bored and diversify the gameplay. These are giant bridges, cities, even other planets. Everywhere gamers will need to overcome gravity and set a new record for the length of the ski jump. Pumping a car, as well as a mod that costs a lot of money, can help with this.

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Both engines have been improved to increase acceleration and jet fuel, which will add more power to flight. If the current indicators are not enough, the purchase of new cars is expected. Together with them, gamers will be able to set many new records, making opponents swallow their hatred.