Redungeon Redeem Codes (February 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 4.65
Update: 20/01/2023
Install Original android

Redungeon is a timekiller for Android from the Nitrome game studio, in which gamers have to take control of a fearless knight who decides to go on a journey through the labyrinths of the underworld alone. The main character in the dungeon is waiting for a lot of secrets, dangers and enemies.

 Redeem Codes (February 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
FTAK5NO0W2S 392 February 23, 2023
MRBC6QN2D0EV3P7 372 January 29, 2023
RIOTYBJF8XHQM60K 255 January 25, 2023
18KXVO49G2AL0IMBF 545 March 18, 2023
0Y45CSKROIZXBE2 588 March 16, 2023
VNW659IDTGAPK47O 394 March 6, 2023
FEWOP6MQXHR0IY3Z 936 March 17, 2023
X20TLG1ANVW84YPDF 581 February 26, 2023
VXCD3Y42JW0MG6S 154 March 17, 2023
X58VC4MB2QEGLRTS 270 January 21, 2023

Players have to go on a dangerous journey through the dungeon, in which, in addition to treasures and gold coins, the main character is lured by insidious enemies, intricately woven traps placed everywhere, in the form of rotating swords, self-breaking plates, and other formidable obstacles. Each lurking danger can be fatal for our hero, so you need to act very carefully and judiciously. You need to act quickly and immediately, correctly calculating the speed and direction of the knight’s movement.

Moving along the narrow passages of the dungeon, you need to bypass all obstacles, collect gold coins, bonuses, keys to open secret chests filled with useful items, break barrels with cobwebs. To withstand and hold out on the way to the hero will help special features that can be pumped.

The control in the game is well adapted to touch screens, it is carried out by swipes that change the control of the character and special buttons located on the display. Pleasantly pleased with the randomness of the levels, which are constantly changing. During the game you need to unlock all the characters. each of which has its own skills, unique properties and appearance.

Redungeon is a well-executed endless action game with an exciting, diverse, dynamic gameplay. As for the visual design, the game received eight-bit retro graphics, which adds a special charm to the gameplay. The Redungeon game is distributed completely free of charge, which is good news.