ReFactory iOS Mod 1.12.8 (Unlimited Money)

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ReFactory is a very interesting simulator for building an automated factory. This is where you take on the role of artificial intelligence in construction.


The plot of the game begins with a spaceship crash on an unknown planet. The entire crew is scattered across the planet and your goal is to save him. Since you are not functioning as a human, but as artificial intelligence, you have a lot of possibilities. Start by building a factory and automating processes. Undertake equipment repair and assemble all crew members. Build a complete city and automate its work.

ReFactory Mod

You will send robots for mining and different materials. You must play this game. Get busy building an auto factory and find out exactly how this story ends. Not only your crew will be on the planet, but when you meet you will have to engage in battle with different monsters.

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In the future, new technologies will be discovered for the development of progress. You will need copper to make cables, cables for various devices. This will set up an automated system. Solving puzzles and distributing materials correctly puts you in full control of the work. Only when the factory is fully automated can you successfully save lives.

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