Reigns Codes (April 2023)

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Version 1
Update: 07/03/2023
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Reigns – in this game you are the ruler of a medieval Empire. Like any other king, you must make important decisions, help your subjects, solve important issues in the national, military, treasury and other areas. These decisions will determine not only how long you hold out in your place, but in general, how long your kingdom will exist.

 Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
7ZS0RTIMPOX 834 April 11, 2023
KZ2I5M4N1DQ3B09 799 April 16, 2023
FIV2W7N9B6RPGHMS 763 April 30, 2023
57ETKJLIXNSWF1YZH 481 April 1, 2023
RA05Q6H3B41JCD7 526 April 20, 2023
CHBYWO53FEPTZLJ2 932 April 3, 2023
QZLCMYRG9TS0J7OI 207 March 13, 2023
E5K3V7SZT1FYHQMJU 211 April 2, 2023
M9VORENSACFU4B7 722 April 16, 2023
QIM8OGNDT9L17BZH 178 March 17, 2023

Therefore, each action must be carefully thought out, a certain balance must be found, so that “the wolves are fed and the sheep are safe.” Sit on the throne for as long as possible. Establish diplomatic relations with your neighbors, fight your enemies, and seek honorable ways to leave as your Empire marches proudly through the centuries, from the Inquisition to the Enlightenment.