Rise of Civilizations Codes (April 2023)

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Update: 30/03/2023
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Rise of Civilizations is an interesting strategy that combines the traditional features of the genre, as well as certain innovations. Start the gradual construction and development of your kingdom through entire eras, fight against other kings and make alliances with allies, making successful trade deals with them. Choose the civilization you want to develop, in total there are 8 of them in the game, as well as 20 heroes. Of course, each civilization has its own culture, its own troops and its own style. And they all have personal trump cards – special weapons and buildings that give them advantages over others. Develop on all fronts, fight, win and enjoy greatness!

Rise of Civilizations
 Codes (April 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
I7UBJNGLO40 987 April 3, 2023
N6JEQFCARP137KU 769 April 23, 2023
R3WL80KCMBZ67NAV 876 May 15, 2023
RB6M3U2YKQOLFXWCN 456 May 14, 2023
FDKJ4URI68G309V 656 May 14, 2023
NO75LV4RZ01FMCEH 190 April 5, 2023
INMJZFEQHU1K73TR 439 May 6, 2023
I91845B7KGJ3FCL0R 954 May 18, 2023
3DKZUC9PH7B68YI 847 April 12, 2023
2L7JU0QRYA8SIPE3 609 April 25, 2023