Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade Coupon Codes (September 15, 2022)

NameRise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade Coupon Codes (September 15, 2022)
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Rise of Kingdoms: Lost Crusade is an exciting strategy game in which you will manage your own empire! Will you unleash epic wars and conquer the whole world? Or will you be a noble leader known for his wisdom? Will you go to explore unknown lands as a pioneer? Or will you devote yourself to helping your people? Choose your civilization and develop it into a great power. Each civilization has its own architecture, unique units and special advantages.

Battles are not calculated in advance, but take place in real time. Anyone can enter the battle or leave it at any time. Do you see an ally being attacked in your territory? Send a few troops to help your friend, or start a surprise counterattack on the city of the attacker.

All game events take place on one huge map inhabited by players and NPCs. There are no isolated bases or separate battle screens. Never before seen on mobile devices, the “infinite zoom” feature allows you to freely switch between the overall picture of the world and individual cities or barbarian outposts.

The game world is covered in thick fog. Send scouts to explore these mysterious lands and look for hidden treasures. Explore lost temples, barbarian fortresses, mysterious caves and tribal villages. Gather information about your enemies and prepare for battle!

Orders can be issued to troops at any time, providing unlimited strategic options. Start an attack on the enemy city, then go around, meet with the ally’s army and capture the highway. Send troops to gather lumber in the nearby forest and task them with defeating a few barbarian clans along the way. Armies can be divided among several commanders in order to participate in several battles at the same time.

Level up your commanders by winning battles. Improve their abilities with a talent tree and an RPG-style skill progression system. Fight alongside your allies to take control of this vast kingdom!

Rise of Kingdoms Features:

  • Exciting real-time battles;
  • Huge world map;
  • Function of “infinite approximation”;
  • Various natural obstacles: rivers, mountains and passes;
  • 11 unique civilizations;
  • Alliance system;
  • Dozens of legendary commanders;
  • Expedition mode;
  • Stunning graphics.

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