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What do you see in the battles between fleets floating in space? The fascinating context that Rise of Stars brings is a completely different thing. It is separate from the content of the games of the same genre. So this uniqueness is the point that attracts the most players. Perhaps because of this progress as well as its direction. Created a new wave blowing straight into the Vietnamese entertainment market. Gamers after updating the information have also commented very positively. Read the following information, maybe you may agree with them.

Rise of Stars

List of Rise of Stars Codes

Coming to the context of Rise of Stars, people will immediately think of advanced technology. Development with rapid urbanization. Has helped people to achieve the most sophisticated technological innovations. The first is the construction of space stations in outer space. Next is the armor that gives you the ability to fly. Countless large and small projects were created here.

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The origin of innovation is always a difficult problem. Because they know when people have developed from the minimum to the highest level. They won’t just stop and stay in one place for a long time. Later on, their attraction and inquisitiveness required important resources. It is from here that the conflicts take place unnecessarily. Stop the waves of attack.

Rise of Stars Mod

Basic gameplay

Maintain the space station in the vast universe. You will have to grow from the resources you exploit. Unlock space ships with a certain amount of resources. You will have the opportunity to take control of the spaceships. Master it in the cosmic arena and go to war with thrilling expeditions. The attraction doesn’t stop there.

Players also have to manage a variety of activities in the space station. From gathering energy to helping keep activities running smoothly. Or refer to the upgraded designs of the units. Building high-class modern technology buildings to serve economic development. The fertile resource block is waiting for you to fully exploit it.

Rise of Stars Codes


Below is some information that has been reviewed by GameLoi before sharing:

  • Space station

Unleash space stations from the most basic steps. Develop this place into a living fortress. This place is also known as the harbor to wait for the spaceships to dock. Develop crystal mineral deposits here. Keep your space station economy on the rise. Erection of cutting-edge high-tech buildings throughout the space.

  • Open warship 

In addition to controlling the operation of the space station. Then the player cannot forget the defense against the attack wave. And taking on this noble responsibility has only one feature. These are fleets of warships provided by the commander. You will unlock a series of technologically advanced ships. To protect the command space station.

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  • Level Upgrading

Upgrade ships and technology zones by tier. Each upgrade will help change the size and sometimes affect the appearance. At the same time, it will be more efficient after each successful upgrade. There are 3 tiers in upgrading warships. Each wave will take a fixed amount of resources to successfully enhance.

How exciting it would be to be a commander of a space station. To answer this question, please experience it directly.

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