Road Z Survival: The Last Winter Codes (July 14, 2022)

NameRoad Z Survival: The Last Winter Codes (July 14, 2022)

In Road Z Survival: Last Winter for Android, you’ll have to survive in a world with nuclear fallout and roaming zombies. The end of the world has come. Explore a cold post-apocalyptic world, improve your survival skills and fight zombies. Your only helper in the zombie world is your car! She will protect you from the cold, zombies and other dangers on the road! Never stop!

Zombies are not the main enemy in the fight for survival. Cold, radiation, hunger, radioactive fallout – there is no escape from them, unless you go to the most dangerous, zombie-filled places in search of food, warm places, auto parts and other resources for survival. Look for other survivors and help them. But be careful!

Codes ListNumber ofValid Until
DO734HLRC8F591September 9, 2022
8QJ1LB97VS5HEAI212July 28, 2022
M564CWRGZSQTL2OD739August 9, 2022
Y65K8IUGT4JCFHZPO699September 6, 2022
X21DMSGWI6LU0F7641September 11, 2022
NOTBI1WRE32U6X5A402September 1, 2022
JDW476320ALZNVOY410September 5, 2022
HZ678AJ5LXKGCREP9827August 7, 2022
0BGVWK4NX2CIZLO611August 27, 2022
V5GMT6I2OUEPZFHB423August 11, 2022

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