RPG Toram Online Redeem Codes (January 2023)

Category VIP Codes
Version 3.5.41
Update: 16/01/2023
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RPG Toram Online is a classic and varied RPG with an Asian twist. Almost all MMORPG mechanics are waiting for you here, where you can create a unique character for yourself, explore a huge world, meet other players and, of course, participate in epic battles against monsters!

RPG Toram Online
 Redeem Codes (January 2023)
Codes List Number of Valid Until
KFN7MBXAV2J 995 March 8, 2023
M1PWJTA9C83KUO2 685 February 20, 2023
BL9IQ301GYSUETWC 885 February 8, 2023
G403FDWT2L9UKAVM6 976 February 16, 2023
26VXC15Y7QJSZ9P 498 February 21, 2023
KIVD09QP2MBNZ5AW 599 February 14, 2023
R87H4ODEJKP9LV6X 953 March 9, 2023
IMGP19JVWRUQZDLNA 910 January 23, 2023
94NAZOVCLSQEXI7 875 January 24, 2023
F35TJSZWMIU9V4HY 921 February 10, 2023

Before you start the game, you have to create a character, where there are several classes to choose from, among which you will find classic warriors, shooters, wizards and many others. Then, you can immediately start completing quests and leveling up your hero, receiving various equipment and experience points. Also, you will need to study a rather large skill tree, where it is possible to create absolutely unique combinations and thus choose a fighting style for yourself.

The game has a huge variety of weapons and armor, which can also increase the power of the hero. Having pumped up to a sufficient level, you can go with the rest of the players to the dungeons, or attack strong opponents. But of course, there is the opportunity to play alone, where you can call on mercenaries to help if the enemy is too strong!

Game Features:
Classic game mechanics;
Big game world;
Epic battles against monsters;
Several game classes;
A unique character leveling system.