Shadowgun Legends Mod 1.2.6 (Unlimited Gold/Money)

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Shadowgun Legends Is an excellent 3D third-person shooter set in the future, part of a large series. In the story, the alien race claims their rights to our planet and now threatens to wipe out everything that is somehow connected with humanity from the face of the earth. The only salvation of humanity is the Shadowgun organization, an organization of brave and powerful young bounty hunters who can cope with the alien threat.

Shadowgun Legends

In this chapter of the popular series, you will play as one of these mercenaries, who will have to engage in a fierce confrontation with an entire horde of aliens in the form of many other creatures. each other, cyborgs and giant robots.

Shadowgun Legends Mod

Battles will take place on four planets, where players will have two hundred exciting quests. Shadowgun Legends Mod gives players the opportunity to increase their character and offers a variety of futuristic weapons and equipment for you to choose from. In addition, you can craft and create your own armor from a variety of components.

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To sum up, it can be noted that Shadowgun Legends – this is a very extraordinary mobile shooter with a compelling storyline, stunning graphics, almost on par with projects from consoles, state systems. Guilds and multiplayer modes are well thought out. This project can captivate even the most demanding players.